Recovery Barriers for People with Serious Mental Illness Post-Incarceration

July 9, 2020

  RESEARCH WEEKLY: Recovery Barriers for People with Serious Mental Illness Post-Incarceration   By: Kelli South   Incarceration complicates and sometimes negatively impacts the recovery prospects for individuals with serious mental illness. The common issues faced by anyone involved in the criminal justice system are exacerbated for those with serious mental illness, making their odds of recidivism high and more »

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The New Mental Health Research on Coronavirus

March 9, 2020

What researchers are saying about the disease’s impact on mental health Posted Mar 05, 2020 By Jack Meeker Coronavirus has been at the forefront of the news cycle for several consecutive weeks now. Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been affecting people worldwide, especially vulnerable populations like the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions. At the more »

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New Medication for Depression Being Tested

March 3, 2020

Depression is more than just feeling sad or going through a rough patch. It can be a serious mental health condition that requires understanding and medical care. If ignored or left untreated, depression can be devastating for those who have it and their families. Fortunately, with early detection, diagnosis and a treatment plan consisting of medication, more »

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Why We Should Be Honest About How We’re Doing

February 3, 2020

Life is hard. Going through depression, anxiety and PTSD make it harder. But the roughest part is feeling like you are alone while going through these struggles. We have gotten so good at trekking through life independently, at putting our heads down and looking at our smartphones. We have gotten so good at not talking more »

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