What We Do

NAMI Serves Individuals, Families and the Community

People join NAMI for many reasons. Some participate in Connection Recovery Support Groups or a Family & Friends Group. Others take part in family education such as the 12-week Family-to-Family Class series. Some work in community or classroom outreach where they go into colleges or to community groups as emissaries for what mental illness and Recovery are really like. These ambassadors offset the false impressions so often given on TV and in the movies. NAMI’s Legislative Advocacy Group monitors laws, regulations and budgets. They advocate with our elected officials for funding, laws, and regulations that will help individuals with mental illness achieve Recovery and will keep them safe.


Why Families Need Help

When any individual develops a chronic disease, both they and their family need to learn about the disease and adjust expectations. When the disease has emotional impact, like mental illness, family adjustments can be especially difficult. Although scientific research is showing us that mental illness is a physical illness like heart disease or cancer, our society and the people in it sometimes react with fear. Because of false beliefs or poor understanding some people shun those with mental illness – and their families as well. This rejection is hard on both family members and the individual who is ill. Families need understanding, support, and good information about both the disease and Recovery. NAMI services can help.